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ESOL (Adults), Vocational Skills and Digital Skills

Level 1 - Introductory

ESOL (Adults), Vocational Skills and Digital Skills

On our ESOL adult study programme, you will develop a lot of essential skills and can achieve qualifications in some or all of the following*:

  • ESOL Speaking & Listening
  • ESOL Reading
  • ESOL Writing
  • Functional Skills or GCSE Maths
  • Vocational ESOL (for example Living and Working in the UK, English for Health and Care or English for Business)
  • Digital Skills

*Depending on your level and preferred options

ESOL: (Entry – Level 2) - when you come to enrol, you will be given an initial assessment to determine your level. The level of course you are offered will depend on the outcome of this. This course is for people who are not native speakers of English. On this course, you will develop your skills in speaking & listening, reading, and writing to improve your job opportunities and quality of life in the UK.

We offer Speaking & Listening, Reading and Writing as three separate courses. Each course lasts for 12 weeks. At all colleges, we offer:

  • Speaking & Listening from September - December
  • Reading from December - March
  • Writing from March - June.

You may be able to do a different course to those listed above in December and March.

Please ask at enrolment at the college you choose. If you start in September, you may be able to do three courses in a year. If you start in December, you may be able to do two courses. If you start in March, you will do one. This course may be free if you meet the eligibility criteria. You will need to bring the following evidence to enrolment: nationality, residency in the UK and benefits.

This course is assessed by examination at different points in the year.