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Project Gambia 2021

We are currently raising funds for a unique International project, taking a group of young people from the Great Barr area of Birmingham to The Gambia on the West Coast of Africa , where they have the opportunity to use their practical skills and will be an exciting and lifelong learning experience.

The young people will learn about life for people who are based in the small town of Bakau and what it is like to live a life of poverty.  They will explore The Gambian culture and learn about the issues around the occupation and division of the country.  The group will also raise money to take school resources, mosquito nets, sweets and other useful resources those families in the Gambia lack.

The group will be made up of young people from multi-cultural Birmingham learning about their cultures and creating an opportunity for improved community cohesion.

 Aims of Project Gambia

  • Create an opportunity for young people to gain international awareness and to make a positive contribution to the lives of others in The Gambia
  • Offer a once in a life time opportunity for young people to experience a different country, society and culture
  • For young people to use and expand their personal and social skills
  • Help young people acquire new skills and develop existing skills e.g. leadership, teamwork, self-reliance, responsibility and fundraising.

Images from The Gambia visit 2019

The Need for Project Gambia

The need for this kind of project is evident within Birmingham.  It is designed to advance the social education and training of the young people by bringing them into contact with a process and the environment that will help develop their sense of responsibility, self-reliance and co-operation.

The project aims to stretch horizons and enlarge each individuals view on local and international issues creating opportunities to challenge myths and stereotyping portrayed in the media.

Outcomes for Young People

  • Understanding different cultures
  • Increase in confidence levels
  • Learning new skills i.e. organisation with fundraising,
  • Increase in communication skills
  • Stronger communities bring young people together by a common cause or goal
  • Peer support and working together to help each other overcome obstacles they face both on the project and in their personal lives
  • Relationship building locally and internationally.

 Legacy of Project Gambia  Alex_Gambia_project

  • Increased personal and social skills
  • Positive experience to draw on in the future
  • Springboard to be open to other opportunities
  • Break down of stereotypes and myths.

Background to The Gambia Visit

The Gambia is a country in West Africa that is almost entirely surrounded by Senegal and is also the smallest country within mainland Africa. The focus of the work is in the village of Kotusilo a poor area of The Gambia where people live in very basic conditions.  This will be where the young people distribute rice and mosquito nets.

The young people will uptake painting duties at the Half Dye School and maternity ward that are solely funded by public donations.

If you are able to support this project through either sponsorship or donation please get in touch with Alex Williams at James Watt College.

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