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Fashion Business & Digital Marketing Diploma / Extended Diploma Level 3

Level 3 - Advanced

Fashion Business & Digital Marketing Diploma / Extended Diploma Level 3

Wish to explore the fashion industry?

This course has been designed for students who have an interest in fashion, business and digital marketing, where you can extend this interest into a full-time career by an immersive learning experience.

Throughout your course you will be set a series of exciting project briefs which will enable you to explore areas in the following:

  • Fashion forecasting/trend predictions, catwalk to high street transition
  • Range designing and digital in-store displays
  • Market positioning looking at luxury fashion through to high street
  • Window design and visual merchandising
  • Retail management and performance management tools
  • Research and development within an Omni-channel platform, looking at how social media is changing the way consumers shop,
  • Exploration of a variety of careers within the fashion business industry
  • Understanding the supply chain and how we can reduce the environmental impact.

All of this will be presented visually within a research and development package, enabling you to produce a professional portfolio of design work to present at progression interviews.

You will learn to evaluate your own work and that of others, presenting your ideas as well as expressing opinions in a variety of formal/informal ways.

You will carry out short assignments and longer projects, which may involve working as a team as well as working independently.

You will also take part in a range of editorial photoshoots that can be used within magazine developments taking inspiration from luxury fashion and their marketing techniques.

Awarded by UAL Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Fashion Business and Retail on completion of this course.