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History A Level

Level 3 - Advanced

History A Level

If you have an interest in the past and want to understand about our culture and heritage then this course will appeal to you.

By being better informed about the past, it does enable us to better understand the present. Moreover, many of the international issues of today have their origins deep in the past.

You will be studying the OCR exam board specification in A Level History, in Year 1 covering historical periods such as Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, and topics such as ‘The Challenge of German Nationalism’, which examines how Germany became a nation and how events shaped the course of its history.

In Year 2 you will focus on Germany 1919-63 (developing further understanding of the historical foundations that would lead to Germany becoming a prominent industrial, economic and political force in modern Europe, in addition to a Non-Exam Assessed/Coursework unit where you will have free choice in pursuing your own historical passions.