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Apprenticeships the bright idea say student engineers

Renee, Lauren and Shannon love engineering and love the idea of being apprentices.  They plan to progress from Level 1 to Level 2 qualifications and then get help from the college in finding apprenticeships with local companies.

Why the apprenticeship route?  Here’s what they say.


“When I’ve thought about the kind of job I wanted to do, I knew it would be something hands on.  When we were offered work placements at school, I always went for the ones in construction.

“The apprenticeship route will suit me because I’m used to managing my time and I don’t give up until a job gets done.  I’m doing well on my course, better than I’ve ever done before and I enjoy it.   I’m hoping this is what gets me into the industry full-time.”


“My grandad has his own business so it’s always been in me to work on my own and think for myself.  I did study health and social care at college for a bit then changed to engineering because I realised I was more into technology and mechanics.

“Being a qualified electrician seems like a good career for me because I know the work is always there and I’d be doing something I know I’m good at.

There are some women that feel more comfortable with a female electrician in their home.  That’s why I think I can make a good career from this.”  


“I started out on a Level 1 engineering course which gave me a good introduction to wiring and got me more interested in taking this up as a career.  An apprenticeship will suit me because I’ve had nearly two years of being in workshops with other engineers and technicians.  I know what I’m talking about and I can just get on with the job without being shown how to do everything.

“Me, Lauren and Renee are the only females on our course.  Some people wouldn’t be keen on this but you quickly get to know everyone, so it’s all fine.  I’m enjoying being in class, learning about panel wiring and other practical things.” 


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