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Make an Apprenticeship your next destination

Apprenticeships are also seen as way to train without running up thousands of pounds of debt and can even include English and Maths resits, which are essential for many jobs.

“Apprentices complete their training programmes with skills that many, if not all employers, will value,” said Rebecca Hayes, Director of Sales at the college. “Government initiatives are in place to encourage more young people from all backgrounds to pursue Apprenticeships, including those that haven’t yet achieved GCSE English and Maths or who need additional learning support.

“Plans are also being made to improve the number of higher level Apprenticeships available which are a real alternative to a full-time university course and therefore free from tuition fees.”

BMet works with a range of employers to offer Apprenticeships in over 30 different sectors including customer service, early years, care and education, graphic design, hairdressing, pharmacy assistants, hospitality, horticulture, marketing and more.

Shannon Bassett’s Apprenticeship journey included business administration as well as English, maths and ICT. Having been diagnosed with a mild form of dyslexia, the 19-year-old struggled to pass her exams in and complete the modules of her Level 2 programme.

With help from BMet, she successfully overcame her reading and writing difficulties and was offered a permanent job with her apprentice employer, Chambers and Cook Freight Ltd.

“I always knew I had a problem reading and writing, but it was only formally diagnosed a few months back,” Shannon continued. “It did make me nervous about doing some parts of my job such as working out costings for customers, but now I’m fine with this. Being in work has improved my confidence in many ways, not just my writing. I’m more comfortable talking to people face to face and on the phone. My IT skills have improved too – I even help others.”

“I’m so happy to have come this far,” added Shannon who has since made further career progress by taking up a new role with the Avon Freight Group based in Redditch. “My Apprenticeship really has changed my life and given me a great future.”

For further information about Apprenticeships at BMetvisit this page or call 0845 1550101

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