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Some helpful advice as exams get into full swing

… it’s all going to be fine.

As you are now in the all-important exam season, we thought we’d share the best tips out there to deal with exam days. Whatever happens, you can speak to us about what you want to do next to achieve your career goals.

Get Ready

  • Food: get a decent meal in the night before and don’t skip breakfast – go into each exam fuelled!  At our colleges we offer free breakfasts to our students taking maths and English GCSES.
  • Sleep: Don’t stay up all night trying to cram, get to bed at a decent time… but don’t forget to set your alarm clock.
  • Ready to roll: go over your most important facts but when you arrive – stop. Take a bit of time to relax so your mind is ready to focus on the questions.


  • Control: you can’t control what other people are doing, how easy (or not) they find it or how distracting they are. Focus on you and what you do.
  • Take a moment: take a couple of slow breaths, read each question twice and take a bit of time to plan your answer so you know what you want to include.
  • Try and enjoy yourself: weird, we get it. But think of it as a chance to finish up the months of work you’ve been doing, show off what you know and see it as a positive thing – once they’re done you can move on to something else.

Let it go

  • It’s over: when you’re done, try and leave everything in the exam hall as you’ve done what you can and can’t change anything.
  • What next: think about your next exam and work through your preparations for that.
  • The Future: don’t let your thoughts spiral out of control thinking about the future. All our colleges are here for you no matter how you think you’ve done, whether you’re considering a different path or just have lots of questions.

Our next open day is on Saturday 15th June come along to find out more about college life and how you can succeed with us.  Register here today.

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