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Why Muhammed Kassama fully supports Project Gambia and his BMet experience as a whole

Seventeen-year-old Electronics Level 1 student, Muhammed Kassama, is in full support of International Aid projects like Project Gambia and knows first-hand how such initiatives can make a real difference in people’s lives!

Up until 2017, Muhammed was living in The Gambia, which is the country of his origin and a place he truly values and loves. Growing up, he has personally witnessed the genuine happiness on people’s faces and the impact that donated gifts from the project make to people’s lives.
He said:

“From my experience and perspective, obtaining Christmas shoe boxes from Project Gambia is one of the best things for people of all ages. This is mainly because The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa – so it is a tremendous appreciation for local Gambians to receive useful gifts, which they can really make use of and value in their lives!

“I and people in the Gambia are hugely thankful to BMet College for getting involved!”

Muhammed has had a very positive and rewarding experience since his arrival at BMet.

He moved to Birmingham with his family after finishing his secondary school education in his home country – The Gambia, which was the right time for them all to explore other opportunities. This included the chance for Muhammed to widen his educational and career options.
Muhammed’s academic journey in the UK began in September 2018, as an ESOL student (English for Speakers of Other Languages) at Matthew Boulton College, where he studied Vocational Studies – Foundation Learning. Since then, this year, he has positively progressed onto his electronics course at James Watt College.

The world now seems to be Muhammed’s oyster, as he is on a real and committed mission to further his studies at BMet and reach his goal to be a qualified electrician and later a medical doctor.

Muhammed’s advice to other students at BMet College is:
“Really appreciate your time at BMet, as it can open many positive opportunities and experiences for you – not just in terms of one’s career but also through gaining invaluable life-learning skills.

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today – so start grinding because time goes very quickly and is not always on your side… and I wish everyone good luck!”

For more information on Project Gambia and how you can get involved, please see our news story:

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