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Sports Academies

BMet is one of the leading colleges in terms of sporting performance, thanks to our sports academies, teams regularly exceeding expectations and achievements. You can join an academy and combine your preferred sport with A Levels or vocational courses.

How do the Sports Academies Work?

Sports academies are a chosen Enrichment activity within your ‘Programme of Study’. It is possible to combine A Level or vocational courses with your chosen sport (as well as English/maths and additional supplementary programmes if necessary).

If you are successful in gaining a place on the Sports Academy, you will receive specialist coaching from a team of professional coaches and subsidiary sports staff. The Academy recognises and ensures that performers have access to the ‘four-corner coaching’ philosophy (Social, Technical, Psychological and Physical).

The major sports offered as Academies currently are:

  1. Men’s Football (linked to local Semi Professional Football Clubs)
  2. Women’s Football
  3. Men’s and Women’s Basketball
  4. Men’s and Women’s Golf
  5. Netball
  6. Rugby Union
  7. Men’s and Women’s Hockey
  8. Men’s and Women’s Table Tennis
  9. Men’s and Women’s Boxing* (Stourbridge College only)
  10. Cricket
  11. Men’s and Women’s Athletics

As part of each academy you will receive between 6-12 hours specialist coaching sessions as well as the opportunity to compete in local, regional or national league and cup competitions.

The following sports are offered as Enrichment Clubs:

  1. Volleyball
  2. Tennis
  3. Badminton
  4. Fitness, Health and Well-Being

If you opt for these sports you can enjoy friendly, non-competitive activity focused on improving fitness, health and well-being. There is the opportunity to take part in competitions and represent your college.

In addition, there is a well-equipped Fitness Suite at James Watt, Matthew Boulton and Sutton Coldfield Colleges.

Additional Information

In addition to specific training and playing, you’ll also have access to specialist advice or training on:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Fitness Training and Programming
  3. Sports Psychology and Emotional Intelligence
  4. Personal and Social Development
  5. Progression Information including Career Planning
  6. Long Term Athlete Development
  7. Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
  8. Additional Sport/Sports-Specific Qualifications
  9. Leadership, Volunteering, Coaching and Officiating Opportunities

As part of the Sports Academy, we can offer you playing and non-playing opportunities and pathways with local clubs and organisations. We have collaborative links with many sports clubs, higher education institutions and key employers in the region. This means that students have access to current opportunities to gain experience and develop future pathways for education and employment in sport.

Recent Achievements

Between 2010 and 2016, the college Sports Academy has had the following successes:

  • 79 Students have Represented their Country in their Chosen Sport
  • 7 AoC National College Sport Championship Gold Medallists
  • 17 AoC National College Sport Championship Silver Medallists
  • 12 AoC National College Sport Championship Bronze Medallists
  • 36 AoC National College Sports Championships Medallists as part of a Regional Team e.g. Cross Country
  • 7 x National Cup Winners (3 x Men’s Football, 2 x Men’s Basketball, 1 x Women’s Football, 1 x Men’s Hockey)
  • 8 x National Cup Runners Up (2 x Mixed Hockey , 2 x Men’s Hockey, 1 x Women’s Football, 1 x Rugby Union, 1 x Netball, 1 x Women’s Basketball)

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